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Crime  (405)

Criminal solicitors

Family  (359)

Family law solicitors

Actions against the police  (19)

Law firms for bringing civil actions against police

Clinical negligence  (49)

Clinical negligence or medical negligence deals with claims against healthcare professionals, doctors or their employers.

Community care  (41)

Community care law is used to challenge decisions made by the NHS, social services and public bodies in the provision of help with health and social care needs

Mental Health  (50)

Mental health law effects people with either a diagnosis or a possible diagnosis of a mental health condition and those that manage or treat such people

Public law  (25)

Public Law concerns the relationship between public and local authorities, government departments and how they exercise of power over individuals

Housing  (127)

Housing law relates to the leasing of homes. Housing law differentiates between private and public sector leases.

Prison law  (112)

Prison Law is concerned with discrimination, complaints, and human rights breaches against prisoners

Debt  (125)

Immigration or asylum  (72)

Immigration and asylum can be complicated. The right firm of solicitors dealing with immigration and asylum can help you find solutions in dealing with visa or immigration decision

Personal Injury  (1)

Compare solicitors to claim for personal injury caused by an accident that was someone else’s fault